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Your brain on exercise

Allison Wolfe December 11th, 2013

What's your memory of gym class from when you were a young student? It may induce a panicked feeling of being picked last for a kickball team, a fond recollection of...

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What is close reading and how do I teach it?

Allison Wolfe December 3rd, 2013

In an article from Reading Today (full article available for members), San Diego State University professors Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey define close reading as...

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Helping kids get financially literate

Allison Wolfe November 22nd, 2013

Many states across the country have integrated financial literacy into school curriculum. This article describes some of the programs equipping Cincinnati teachers with...

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Building student interest in nonfiction

Allison Wolfe November 12th, 2013

After hearing a sixth grader say, “ I hate nonfiction, Mrs. Miller. It’s so boring.

Tech classroom management strategies

Allison Wolfe November 8th, 2013

A recent Ed Week article by Liana Heitin shares solutions to common management challenges that arise from using iPads and laptops in the classroom. The strategies below...

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Graphical literacy: Tips for teaching with maps, timelines and flowcharts

Allison Wolfe October 24th, 2013

In a recent article from The Reading Teacher about fostering graphical literacy, Kathryn Roberts and five of her colleagues share instructional practices to...

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Quiz: Current events in education

Allison Wolfe October 17th, 2013

Last week, The Wall Street Journal posted a quiz to test your knowledge of current events in education. Here are a few bonus questions I came up with, and a link to the...

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Tips for keeping hope alive as a teacher

Allison Wolfe October 9th, 2013

Data released earlier this week from the Primary Sources teacher survey shows 88% of the twenty thousand public school teachers agree the rewards of their profession...

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Google in the classroom

Allison Wolfe October 3rd, 2013

For most of us, Google plays a huge role in our lives. Whether we use it to search the Internet, get directions using Maps, or communicate with Gmail, it’s everywhere we...

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Toward a “Common Definition of English Learner”

Allison Wolfe September 23rd, 2013

Currently, states and local school districts determine their approach to identifying and classifying students as English learners (ELs). But with 45 states signing onto...

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