What does a good preschool classroom look like?

Suzanne McCabe  February 26th, 2015 

It's a delicate dance in early childhood education these days. Teachers, principals, SETAs (Special Education Teacher Assistants), and administrators must manage the...

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My top 10 ways to encourage reading at home and in school (7-5)

Phyllis C. Hunter  February 25th, 2015  Comments • 1

You may know me from my latest book, It’s Not Complicated, my classroom libraries or my work in schools as a literacy expert.

Time well spent: How school leaders can keep a laser-like focus on instruction

Kevin Feldman  February 23rd, 2015 
Time is arguably our most valuable resource. As school leaders, how we apportion our time speaks eloquently about what we truly value.

How I flipped my READ 180 classroom

Matt Bowers  February 20th, 2015  Comments • 2

If you were to ask every teacher in your building what the two biggest challenges in the profession are you would probably find the same two answers: time and motivation....

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Diversity is the heartbeat of our humanity

Pam Allyn  February 19th, 2015 

Diversity is the heartbeat of our humanity. Books are mirrors into our inner lives, and also windows to the world. Our school and classroom libraries, on and offline,...

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My top 10 ways to encourage reading at home and in school (10-8)

Phyllis C. Hunter  February 18th, 2015 

You may know me from my latest book, It’s Not Complicated, my classroom libraries or my work in schools as a literacy expert.

Why I'm nervous about grit grades

David Dockterman  February 13th, 2015 
Some schools have started assessing and sending home grades for “grit,” that characteristic associated with resilience and persistence.

Speed and fluency: Taking an individualized approach

David Dockterman  February 10th, 2015 

How many of you do puzzles? Come on, raise your hands so I can see them. Remember when you first started? With Sudoku puzzles, it took me a very long time to complete my...

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Building adequacy: A reflection after 50 years of Title I

Kelli Cedo  February 9th, 2015 

You might have asked yourself recently: What is my mission as an educational leader? For me, my mission stems from my beliefs and my “whys” around education.

Honor approximation in ourselves and in our students

Mike Oliver  February 6th, 2015 

In the children’s book Ish, by Peter H.

Early learning: Music, music everywhere?

Suzanne McCabe  February 4th, 2015 

What do four- and five-year-olds like to do most?

"Move and paint and make noise," says Paul King.

Getting below the tip of the iceberg with assessment

Mary Mitchell  February 3rd, 2015 

When I was still in the classroom I was constantly trying different assessment methods to get to know my students as learners. I would take time to discuss the methods...

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New uses for technology in the classroom explored at FETC 2015

Eric Sheninger  January 30th, 2015 

The just-completed Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) is one of the premier technology conferences held in the country. Educators and school leaders were...

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How we create a culture of learning at Zaharis School

Mike Oliver  January 28th, 2015  Comments • 1

I have found in life that it is impossible to take others on a journey that we, ourselves, are not on. It is quite the challenge to inspire others to become something we...

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Instructional coaching: Part science, part art and part chutzpah

Carol Chanter  January 26th, 2015 

The more I learn about instructional coaching, the more I realize that the challenge of getting educated adults to change what they do on a daily basis is more complex...

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The Super Bowl of EDU: Seattle vs. Boston

Tyler Reed  January 23rd, 2015  Comments • 1

Super Bowl Sunday is just over a week away. And while most people are talking about how the Patriots stack up against the Seahawks (and who's to blame for #DeflateGate),...

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How preschool can help our most vulnerable children

Suzanne McCabe  January 21st, 2015 

Most experts say that children benefit from “quality” instruction at an early age. But as preschool programs around the country expand, questions are being raised about...

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School building leaders to gather in Nashville next month for first-ever Principal Academy

Lois Bridges  January 20th, 2015 

Even though she was surrounded by 4,200 students and dozens of faculty and staff every day on the job, former Brockton High School Principal Sue Szachowicz often felt...

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What I learned from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Robert L. Green  January 15th, 2015 

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a tremendous impact on my life. I learned so much from him during the course of my work with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

A teacher’s guide to professional learning

Kim Greene  January 12th, 2015 

In a recent meeting among Instructor magazine’s editors, we talked about the difference between the terms “professional development” and “professional learning.”...

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Four things educators should know about Scholastic's Kids & Family Reading Report

Francie Alexander  January 9th, 2015 

Every other year, Scholastic surveys children and their parents on their attitudes and behaviors towards reading.

In math classrooms, try using student responses for instruction

Mary Mitchell  January 7th, 2015 

One way savvy math teachers help students build up their understanding of math concepts is through discussion in the classroom. But how do you ignite those conversations...

Focus on the three Cs for a bright new year: Children, community and communication

Cindy Marten  January 6th, 2015 

While I’m not typically a resolution-maker, there’s something about a new year that invites reflection. As I contemplate what I want to accomplish in 2015, rather than...

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Five New Year’s resolutions every principal should make

Eric Sheninger  January 5th, 2015 

Returning from the holiday break is the perfect time for principals to focus on solutions, view challenges as opportunities, and, in collaboration with key stakeholders,...

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Jump start your 2015 with a school- or district-wide needs assessment

Lois Bridges  December 31st, 2014 

A new year always holds the promise of a fresh start. Take full advantage of the changing calendar and consider how you might reinvigorate your district’s commitment to...

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